Don’t just do something, stand there.

How we work


At FMC, we're passionate about creating good work that achieves clients' objectives. And if there is no clear objective, we help define one.

But first, we need a strong understanding of your business to do our best work. What's under the hood? Who's got more horsepower and why? With these answers, we can begin to tell the story in a way that is compelling.

That's how great marketing is born – and that's the foundation for how we do business.

So after we read everything we can get our hands on about a client's industry, we ask questions - lots of them. And we listen.

This research and information is the starting point for excellence - the beginning of creative solutions clients take to the bank.

Soon after our first meeting, we provide a proposal with details on how we can help, and make recommendations on the next steps. We go over the whys and hows of everything we suggest. Then we become your marketing partner, implementing the best solutions for your business and your budget.